The main themes of CPT’18 are:

  1. Equipment, Testing and Procedures
    Aspects regarding equipment, testing and procedures – including both well-established and novel equipment.
  2. Interpretation of Test Results 
    Aspects of interpretation, from theoretical to empirical, including case histories and numerical simulation.
  3. Solution of Practical Problems 
    Application of test results, including onshore/offshore geohazards, foundations, embankments, slopes, tailings dams, geo-environmental and seismic design

Instructions for full paper preparation

These author instructions contain general information, requirements, guidelines, applicable tools, and necessary forms to assist the user in writing & formatting. Specifically, these instructions provide:

  • Guidelines for writing the paper
  • Specifications and requirements for formatting and styling the paper
  • Tools for assistance in preparing the paper
  • Information on submitting the paper
  • Forms necessary for publication (copyright transfer, color in print form)
  • Other related information (publication charges, reprints, etc.)

Authors of proceedings articles can download the instructions easily by double clicking on the relevant conference name listed below. Please make sure to click on the correct conference name as the instructions are different for each conference. The conferences are listed according to the date upon which they will take place (year-month-day). After unzipping the downloaded zip file, please first read the “readme.txt” file for further details concerning length of paper, deadlines, addresses, etc. 


These instructions can be downloaded here and are also available at: (Word template should be used).
The Consent to Publish & Transfer of Copyright for Contributors to Books can be downloaded here.